Animal Farm Again?

Animal Farm Again?

I hope not. I just listened to the audiobook of Animal Farm by George Orwell and felt scared seeing similarities between the situation in the book and the current election climate. In the book, the ruling powers deceive and manipulate the ordinary farm animals through propaganda, changing rules to serve themselves, and taking advantage of naïve animals who don’t question the dictatorial leadership. The loyal horse, Boxer, is taken to the glue factory instead of having years of safe pasture.

When I hear the election rhetoric, I feeling fearful about the next ruling power. My only hope is that people get as educated as they can about each candidate so that we’re not duped and then find ourselves staring through the farmhouse window looking at a “pig” in power as the animals do at the end of Animal Farm.

One of my DADLY Wisdom book dads was a congressman, and he taught his kids to be politically aware, responsible, and involved. This election has inspired me to be more knowledgeable about the candidates so that I can give my best effort to voting in a wise new president.

I love our country, and hopefully Animal Farm will never reign here.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

Author of Amazon Best Seller DADLY Wisdom                                               

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