Calling All Dads—Take the Pledge!

Calling All Dads—Take the Pledge!

Are you committed to being a fabulous dad? If so, take the Dads United Pledge!

Inspired by my dad, Russ Jordan, the pledge contains five basic tenants of excellent parenting.


  1. I pledge to unify and strengthen the parenting community.
  2. I pledge to be a mindful, trustworthy, responsible, active, and available dad.
  3. I pledge to lead my child with integrity, honor, and respect.
  4. I pledge to nurture my child with love, compassion, patience, and empathy.
  5. I pledge to support other dads in their quest to be the best parent they can be.


Join other wise dads, and take the pledge at

Pledges have power. Growing up in school, we pledged allegiance to our flag hundreds of times. It was an ongoing reminder of our commitment to our country. Our words have power though—especially when we commit to them.

The pledge arose after I interviewed over 100 fathers across the world for my DADLY Wisdom book. I found that most were lone rangers doing an outstanding job as dads. I created the pledge to give them a unified platform to take a stand for fatherhood.

All the DADLY Wisdomdads live the Dads United Pledge. They’re available dads. They give their best to their parenting role and support other dads in being the best parent they can be.

When I interviewed dads, I learned that more were committed and responsible than were not. I had a hard time cutting off the book because I kept finding more fabulous dads to interview!

If you are a dad, I salute you. I encourage you to take a stand with other dads, and affirm your commitment in a pledge’s easy to take and rewarding to live.

My dad is in heaven now, but I honor him and all the magnificent dads of the world! Cheers to you all!