Citizen of the World

Citizen of the World

I just got home from Spain, and one of my best takeaways from the trip was realizing that I am a citizen of the world. I’m still a citizen of the United States and will abide by the laws of this land, but more importantly, I am one of many in the world—7 billion at the latest count.

Living in Southern California, my focus is doing my work here, activities I participate in, and local and national news. I usually feel that America is the best country and the giant whom everyone emulates. Even Spain was filled with McDonalds and Burger Kings.

However, international traveling is the best antidote to an overdose of national pride. I see and appreciate other cultures and mix with people from other nationalities in the hotels and tourist areas. My world suddenly gets bigger.

I’m also going to Australia later this year, and when I applied online for my tourist visa, I scrolled and scrolled through many countries until I reached the United States near the bottom of the list. Not only was my country not at the top standing out as the biggest and the best, but it was just another click in the list of 195 countries.

The United States is still a massive machine and a strong international force, but all the countries I scrolled through bring gifts and wisdom to the world. Spain was a great model for teaching me to live the spirit of the fiesta and enjoy life more instead of being so driven.

After my trip, I feel more connected to people in other countries and more concerned about their welfare. My tour had people on it from five different countries, and we united to learn about another country far away from us all.

I’m grateful to the Spaniards for this lesson. We need each other whether we live across the street or an ocean. I hope that someday all people will remember that we are citizens of the world and unite in love and peace. Here’s to global citizenship!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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