Dare to Live

Dare to Live

Is it safe? Aren’t you afraid to go? Those are the first questions people ask me when I tell them I’m going to Egypt next week. I booked my tour through a reputable company who regular checks the safety of the international scene.

No check is full-proof, and my friends’ questions sent me straight to my travel agent asking about the safety of my upcoming trip. He assured me of measures that were taken and said that the company would cancel the trip if it was too risky to go.

In thinking so much about safety, though, I realized that as a substitute teacher, I feel more unsafe and afraid going to some of the schools in the urban district where I work than I do going abroad. I hope that there won’t be a lockdown, a fight, a search, or weapons. Mostly, my days are fine, but I felt sad realizing that I feel less safe in parts of my home country than I do abroad.

I grew up in a safer world. We left our home and cars unlocked, and I never thought to put my purse around my opposite shoulder and clutch it to my waist.

I have no magical answer to the underlying current of fear, which exists in a world which has experienced terrorism.

I refuse to live as a hermit, though. Thus, if the tour company doesn’t cancel the trip, I’ll go to Egypt with open eyes and take smart, safety measures as a tourist. I’ll continue to substitute in the variety of schools where I work, because I believe all students deserve a chance at a solid education.

I know that Egyptians have ample sunshine, but hopefully, I can bring them some American sunshine. Isolation never works on a personal or international level, so I’ll keep traveling and teaching and pray for a safer world.

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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Image reference – http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Royal-Egyptian-Design-Ancient-Egypt-Artifact-Man-1822045