Dare to Share

Dare to Share

Do you have some secret which is holding you back from greater joy and success? Some secrets don’t need a large audience, but sharing boldly about others can set us free and empower those around us.

When I interviewed Steve Monroney for my DADLY Wisdom book, he inspired me by his courageous tale of going public about being gay. After winning several gold medals in the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, Germany, he went public about being gay in the front page story of the sports section of a local paper. The result? Relief! The truth was out; he no longer had to hide. His kids were proud of him for coming out, and he received well-deserved praise for his success.

Last week, I went to a speaking seminar with high-powered businessmen and women. During introductions, I heard many impressive stories of why people were there. I said that I had come to learn to speak better about my book on dads.

The narrator asked us, though, to reveal something that only people would know who know us “really well.” What should I tell? I didn’t know these people! What would they think of me if I shared about my deeper mission?

I only had one minute, so I had to think and speak fast. It blurted out – “If you knew me really well, you would know that I’ve struggled for many years with anorexia. I used to weigh 69½ pounds and am now almost 100. I am writing a book about anorexia, and I want to be a healing voice for anorexia and help our youth.” I got teary, and a hush came over the crowd. The intense professional energy of the room softened, for I went deeper than the flash and cash. I felt fearful and wondered what these top career people thought. I didn’t care. I had taken myself out of anorexic prison. The truth was out.

Later one of the most high-powered and successful men of the conference told me that he thought it was great what I was doing. Another woman shared that she had had an anorexic friend and also supported my work. I’d been afraid to go public, but from my admission, I gained courage and confidence to be myself and share my message.

If you have a secret that can set you and others free, let it out. You never know how it might catapult you or others forward. So have courage, and dare to share!

Jennifer Karin Jordan