Do the Deal

Do the Deal

Some of the most powerful advice my father gave me was to Do the Deal. His advice inspired me to write my DADLY Wisdom book, and it has helped me progress in life more than anything he said.

Here’s how –

*  When I broke my right knee and shoulder a few years ago and had no use of the right side of my body, I was in great despair. How was I going to finish my book about dads? I’m right-handed, and I couldn’t even brush my teeth with my right hand?

But I remembered — Do the deal! I started writing with my left hand and then used Dragon Naturally Speaking to type.

I finished the book, and it was published last March! I did the deal.

*  Last Saturday, I had horrible neck and back pain and was supposed to go to a fashion class in L.A. to learn to dress more effectively for my work as an author and speaker. How was I going to drive to L.A. in jammed traffic with extreme body pain? I couldn’t face it, so I canceled my enrollment.

But then I remembered — Do the deal! So I got in my car and faced the traffic. In spite of the bumper-to- bumper cars, I felt patient and relaxed. It was like my father, who has passed away, sent a gentle breeze to propel me forward on my trip.

The class was excellent, and in a clothing giveaway, someone gave me a leather jacket worth $900 and a Diane von Furstenberg dress. And to think I almost didn’t go!

My pain also went away. I had done the deal. Regardless of what hand life deals you, doing the deal always works!

What deal are you called to do? Whatever it is, I wish you great success.