Empower Your Life with a Vision Board

Empower Your Life with a Vision Board

Want a quick and easy way to move forward in life? Make a vision board! I’ve made many over the years, and they’ve all helped me attain goals and become aware of others which I didn’t know that I had.

They’re simple to make. Just cut out pictures of goals or items that appeal to you, and glue them on a poster board. Hang the board up in an area where you will frequently see it. I’ve had them in my bedroom and living room.

Kids can make them too. When I interviewed dads for my DADLY Wisdom book, one dad had his kids make vision boards. One of his sons put a picture of a straight-A report card on his board, and he later got straight A’s! Of course he had to work for it, but the vision board helped him stay focused on his goal.

Right now, I have two boards up in my home. One has pictures of personal and professional goals, and the other has different aspects of myself that I’d like to develop more. I made the first board a few months ago, and I’m already living some of the goals.

I’ve made these boards by myself, in a class, in retreats, and with small groups. Any way works. As a professional, I’ve spent hours writing goals and applying a more analytical approach to achieving them. The vision board, though, appeals to my creative side. It’s a simple, yet powerful way to clarify and attain my visions.

If you’ve never made a vision board, or if it’s been a long time since you’ve made one, I encourage you to make one. It may be the most fun and colorful way you’ve ever brought your visions to pass!