Every Day Can Be Thanksgiving

Every Day Can Be Thanksgiving

Every year at this time, our country focuses on gratitude. We celebrate the blessings of abundance and fellowship of the Pilgrims and Indians’ feast. It’s great to feel grateful once a year, but how can we bring that feeling into our daily lives? The practice of gratitude is a sound spiritual discipline that can serve us well year-round.

This year, it’s been hard for me to feel grateful with the fall-out of the election turmoil and the ever-present threat of disaster or international upheaval.

The more I focus on gratitude, though, the happier and more at peace I feel regardless of the national or international scene.

Thus, for many years, I’ve had a focused time of expressing thanks ever night. Each night, I review my day and challenge myself to come up with at least three things I’m grateful for that day. Usually I come up with more, and without fail, days which seemed horrible always get better when I view them with an eye of gratitude instead of negativity.

Sometimes my blessings are basic such as being grateful to be alive. Last week I turned 53-years-old. Some people might bemoan the increase in numbers, but my mother passed away at 58, thus, I’m grateful to be having birthdays. They mean I’m still alive!

Thus, if you’d like a quick and simple way to boost your attitude, try the daily gratitude check. Some people write gratitude lists. I’ve found it simpler to review my day’s blessings as a nightly mental exercise. If I forget, I do my quick check the next day instead.

Sometimes, I do a gratitude check mid-day, which improves my outlook for the rest of the day. Gratitude is a healing force anytime we practice it! It shifts my focus from stresses to blessings.

Thus, this Thanksgiving and every day, I hope you gift yourself the gift of the daily gratitude check and have more peace and joy in your life year-round.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

Author of Amazon Best Seller DADLY Wisdom                                                      

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