Fearful to Fearless

Fearful to Fearless

When I was child, I was fearless. I was a gymnast and never felt an ounce of fear. Even after multiple broken bones and a surgery, I was undaunted and returned to the sport as eager as ever.

So what happened? Adulthood struck! I had responsibilities, loved ones dies prematurely, gang violence hit my city, and I got some life-threatening illnesses.

Through all this, I chose safety and familiarity instead of new ground.

Last year when I turned 53, though, I realized that I needed to live full out, or I would pass away someday, saying “I wish I…”

Since then, I have taken six trips and am about to embark on several more. Each time I go to a new place, I withdraw fears from my fearful account and add deposits of courage, with huge dividends, to my fearless account.

This summer, I wanted to go to Egypt. Many people questioned me about the safety of my trip. One person was so adamant in his concern for me that I considered not going!

I went, though, and had one of the best trips of my life. If I had listened to the fearful voices in my own and others’ heads, I would’ve deprive myself of one of my most profound experiences ever. I returned feeling more confident and with a deeper appreciation of the wonder of the world and the magnificence of its people and cultures.

Through my travels, I also let go fears by living a series of firsts. I did my first cruise, my first Ferris wheel ride, and my first tram ride up and down a mountain. I thought I would be terrified, but I loved them all!

Thus I’ll keep living a life of “I’m glad I…” and “My next adventure is…”

Here’s to living fearlessly—forever!

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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Image reference – Photo of me on the London Eye—my first Ferris wheel ride!