Find Peace in the Truth

Find Peace in the Truth

Have you ever been unfairly judged? This week, I had such an experience, and it felt awful. The person even conscripted others into her viewpoint, and they joined forces against me.  I wanted to cry, but I had to keep my feelings inside until I could talk to an authority about it. I reported the incident right away and submitted a report of what had occurred.

I still felt terrified, though, because the consequences of the judgment, if it had been true, would have been dire. All I could do was tell the truth. Kind friends reminded me to walk serenely in the path of peace, to trust that the truth would emerge, and I would be esteemed again.

Sometimes, the wait for such a result goes on and on. Fortunately, I got resolution the next day. The judgment was shown to be untrue, and all was well.

Trusting the truth, though, also requires walking in faith—knowing that a kind spirit overlooks us all, and that no matter what, I am and will be okay.

Thus, if misunderstanding and judgment occur, clarify your part and rest in the peace of the truth. Our hearts know the answer, and in my situation, mine knew that I was clean and clear, so I could hold my head up and look at myself in the mirror with dignity.

The next day when the response came, I was even commended for how I handled the situation and for my work. A dark moment had turned to a blessing.

If we live cleanly and in integrity, people will know, and they did. The judgment was gone, and all was well. The truth had saved the day!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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