Give Your Day a Chance – Bug to Best Seller

Give Your Day a Chance – Bug to Best Seller

Have you ever had a day that got off to a horrible start from the moment you woke up? Last Wednesday began with a huge bug crawling on the wall above me. It looked like a cross between a gigantic ant, a beetle, and a cockroach. Oh no, I thought, this is going to be a horrible day!

My father, though, who inspired me to write my DADLY Wisdom book, taught me to persist and to give my day a chance regardless of how it began. Fortunately, the bug moved from my wall to my window, and I continued my day.

I then got a surprise email from my book’s publisher telling me that it hit the Amazon Best Seller list that day in its category. I was ecstatic! I burst out in tears.

I had worked on the book, which celebrates wise dads, for many years hoping that its inspirational stories would reach more people and make a positive difference in their lives. My efforts of years were paying off!

My day had turned around. Thus, regardless of how your day begins, give it a chance. Your day that started with a bug could end with a best seller!