Giving -The Key to Joy

Giving -The Key to Joy

Finally in my 50s, I am able to live the wisdom of giving and have found that it’s the quickest path to joy. Hunt Harris, whom I interviewed for DADLY Wisdom,was one of my greatest models. After experiencing great business success, he dedicated himself to philanthropy, such as giving almost $400,000 to his local school system for new computers.

When DADLY Wisdom was published, I wanted it to be readily available to everyone. Thus, I submitted a copy to my local library and school district’s Library Curriculum Leader for review. It was a gift, but it still needed approval.

As an author, though, I knew that my writings were part of my gift to the world. My life has not included having children, so my “offspring” are my writings. Prior to DADLY Wisdom being published, I gave poetry and children’s stories as gifts. Recipients were always grateful to receive them, and I always felt happy passing them on.

Recently, both library systems told me that DADLY Wisdom was accepted for circulation. I was so excited! I have checked out books from these libraries since I was a child, and now I could give back to places which have enriched my life.

It’s been a few weeks since I got the news, and I am still smiling! Giving is, indeed, the greatest joy.