Harmony in Red Shows Harmony in Life

Harmony in Red Shows Harmony in Life

I love it when I look back and see my life as a trajectory which makes sense, even though along the way, it felt chaotic and happenstance.

I recently visited the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and one of my favorite rooms had Harmony in Red by Matisse. I’ve always loved that painting. I first saw it when it came to the Los Angeles Museum of Art in summer 1986. It’s July 2018 now, so that’s 32 years ago!

I forgot about this coincidence until I cleaned out recently. I found a postcard of the painting, which I bought at the exhibit entitled, “Impressionist to Early Modern Paintings from the USSR.”

I also bought a poster, which still hangs in my living room, of Matisse’s Nasturtiums with the Painting “Dance.” It features five abstract women holding hands dancing in a ring above the flowers.

Guess what was also hanging in the Hermitage which I just saw—the painting “Dance!” I love it when these coincidences happen. I don’t believe they’re mere coincidences, though. They show that no matter how circuitous the path, our lives have sense and harmony. It’s like puzzle pieces coming together. They were first isolated parts, but overtime, they become connected dots in our life journeys.

It was also validating to see the consistency of some of my interests. The painting has brilliant reds and blues, scenes of fresh produce, and the happy outdoors. I still love bright colors, healthy food, and being outside.

Life doesn’t always come full circle, but when it does, it increases my faith that there is a divine being working with love and order behind the scenes. Sometimes I see the acts of God quickly, and other times they take many years.

Thus, if I need a reminder of God’s care, I can remember Harmony in Red and trust that God is ever-present and creating harmony in my life.

I was in my twenties when I bought the card, and now I am 54. Pain, struggle, and triumph have happened along the way, but divine harmony exists. Ultimately, our lives will be a beautiful masterpiece.

The painting came to L.A. in 1986 “From Russia with Love,” and in 2018, I traveled “To Russia with Love” and saw it in its home.

Miracles happen! Clean out, and you’ll never know what treasures you’ll find!

Jennifer K. Jordan



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Photo Credit – Photo by Jennifer K. Jordan of Harmony in Red postcard