How to Change a Life

How to Change a Life

What’s the quickest way to change a life? Keep your word; change will come.

When I interviewed fathers for DADLY Wisdom, Rev. Scott Willsey taught me this truth. After telling some kids at a summer camp to call him if they needed anything, a teen named Isaac called and asked, “Can I live with you?”

Although he was stunned, Rev. Willsey kept his word and said, “Yes.” Isaac had been in foster care for many years and was unhappy with his current placement. He had also experienced horrific abuse.

With the new placement, positive change came for all. Isaac’s life improved from being in a loving, supportive home. Rev. Willsey changed professions and became involved in the “system” to help more kids like Isaac.

Would you like two to empower change?  It’s simple; keep your word.