How to Overcome Unexpected Disasters

How to Overcome Unexpected Disasters

It all started a few weeks ago. First, a student threw a toy metal car, which hit me in the right temple and gave me a sprained neck and concussion. It was heavy, so it was like being hit in the head with a brick. Two days later, when I was still reeling from the first hit, another student threw a ball, which hit me on the left side of my head, and exacerbated the other injuries. My head pounded in pain!

The next day, I got my 2017 tax bill for $50,000! The most I’ve ever had to pay is $1500. I was in shock and felt suicidal. It was from rebalancing my portfolio for my ultimate financial good, but it had a larger than expected tax consequence.

I then thought I was free of disaster, but it struck again. I had recently signed up for online dating and alternately felt stressed, excited, frustrated, and hopeful. I went to the gym and as I parked, I heard a screeching, crackling sound, and my car wouldn’t move. What had I done?

I had gone too far over the stop and loosened the covering on the bottom part of my engine. How could I do it? I realized my mind was distracted with the online dating, and I needed to get back in the present and pay attention.

How did I handle all these disasters? First things first was my motto. Sometimes, I went straight to the solution and handled it with my analytical mind. Other times, I first felt my feelings and then handled the matter.

For the work injuries, I filed work comp claims, went to the doctor, and am now being treated for the injuries.

For the taxes, I cried and cried and then talked to friends, who reminded me that my life was not over. I prayed and asked friends to pray for me. I put the issue in my God box to turn the issue over to God’s care and power.

The next day, I cried more, but I also called my accountant and financial advisor for help. They discovered a typo on my tax return, and the amount changed to $31,498. God brought a miracle! We also took steps to have a better tax outcome next year. Then I got an unexpected check. My mother passed away twenty years ago, but I received $11,000 from unclaimed life insurance benefits. Another miracle! I then told others of these miracles.

For my car, I filed a claim and went to the body shop. While I waited for the estimate, I told the receptionist about my online dating distraction, and we laughed about it. The laughter helped diffuse my stress. The shop then fixed my car to get it driveable and did not charge me. The receptionist wished me well in my online adventure, and I left with a fixed car and intact finances. Another miracle!

In all these situations, I survived by doing the next indicated thing and focusing on the solution. It’s now been a month since the disasters struck, and I’m in a better place.

I’m more spiritually awake, connected to God, and more present in today. I’m recovering from my injuries, I’m still prosperous financially, and my car is driving well. I’m also a more conscious driver and parker! I trust God and life more that I can make it through tough times and survive. I had prayed to come out of the disasters in a stronger place, and it happened. It always happens.

Here’s my strategy list for overcoming:

  • Feel feelings
  • Handle practical matters of incident
  • Have an overcomer’s spirit. Resolve to do what it takes to manage the disaster and have faith will make it through
  • Ask for professional help, if needed
  • Pray and ask others to pray for me
  • Accept the situation in order to move through it and not be stuck in fear or denial
  • Listen to spiritual guidance and wisdom from trusted others
  • Notice, share, and celebrate miracles
  • Pray to get stronger through the difficulty
  • Express gratitude for new growth from overcoming challenge
  • Stand in awe of God and life path. Look back on the trial and see the chain of events, which led to a better place.
  • Feel blessed and humbled when later comfort others who go through a similar disaster and give them hope that they, too, can survive and come to a better place.

This week, I learned that my homeowners’ association fee is going up over $55. It’s another test of my faith and opportunity to realize that God is taking care of me. I’ve made it through trials before, and I’ll make it through and rise to a better place from this one too.

God is good, and life is about growing in faith, being in the present, and enjoying the now. Thus for today, I enjoy the peace of the present and wish everyone the blessings of overcoming. All is and will be well.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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