How to Stop the Go-Go-Go!

How to Stop the Go-Go-Go!

How can I attain my career dreams if I don’t go-go-go and work-work-work? Follow these three simple steps.

Step 1 – STOP and listen to your body.

Step 2 – STOP and listen to your heart.

Step 3 – Say “No” to say “Yes.”

The application?

This past weekend, I left a four-day seminar early! I had never done that before. After Day One, I felt so stressed, I hardly slept, and my neck went out. I was exhausted from an intense few weeks of work, and now my body screamed through my aching neck and told me to “go home,” even though it was only Day Two. I checked in with my heart, which agreed with my body. Thus, I left and said “No” to the go-go-go of the seminar and “Yes” to more peace.

That night, I realized I needed a break. Thus, I spent Day Three with a friend for some much-needed recreation. The day renewed me, and I returned to the seminar for Day Four. I stayed most of the day, and when overload hit, I listened to my body and heart, and left. My registration included the recordings, so I could learn the information in a more relaxed way.

Hunt Harris from my DADLY Wisdom book applied these steps when he got cancer after a stressful time of trading stocks and commodities. When he got so sick, he listened to his body, stopped his stressful work, and focused on his treatments. When he recovered, he got a business partner to share the work and stopped putting himself in such stressful situations. He said “No” to high stress and “Yes” to a more manageable work life.

Thus before fatigue and frazzle hit, step off the hamster wheel, and—

STOP and listen to your body, STOP and listen to your heart, then say “No” to what’s not right and “Yes” to the healthiest route.

Wishing everyone career success following the wisdom of your body and heart!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

Author of DADLY Wisdom

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