Is Fashion Frivolous?

Is Fashion Frivolous?

I thought it was, but at 52, I changed my mind. In my work as the author of DADLY Wisdom, I have found that fashion is critical to stepping up my professional game. I’ve always loved beautiful clothes, but mostly, I dressed down and went unnoticed.

Recently, I started working with a color and design expert, Jennifer Butler, who advises some of the most powerful communicators in the world. They consult her because they want to be effective with their message. The right dress helps them attain this.

Thus, I spent my summer letting go of clothes and bringing in a new wardrobe. My whole approach to dressing has changed — I now dress with intention. I must wear my best colors and styles so that people can hear my message and not get distracted by my clothes.

I don’t want people to look at me and think, “She should not be in purple; that color looks horrible on her!” They would miss anything I had to say. I want them to hear me.

Now, every day, is a fashion adventure. I dress purposefully. My skin tone is warm and inviting. Thus, if I’m meeting new people, I could wear this soft, blush color to help them feel at ease with me.

If I’m speaking at a big event, I could wear one of my power colors — teal or turquoise — to wake up the audience and help them take note of my talk’s key points. I need to walk my talk, and I need to wear it!

Fashion can still be frivolous, but if used wisely, it can serve us well professionally.

Dress for you; dress for others. It could be the most colorful way to step up your professional game!