Key to Peace—Self-acceptance

Key to Peace—Self-acceptance

Have you ever wished you were someone else?

I have. I spent much of my life wishing I was someone else. I wanted to be blonde, have kids, be married, travel the world, and have a high-earning profession. Instead I was a simple soul—an educator and writer—single, with brown hair.

Recently though, I spent the day with someone who constantly analyzed life, tried to figure things out, and then went on a tirade aboutone of the presidential candidates. After the day of analysis and political commentary, I was exhausted.  After years of trying to figure things out, I’m done!

I got home and realized that I felt glad to be me. We had gone to an artistic event, and I enjoyed it without having to question everything. I could be in my simplicity and trust that the world will go on regardless of who takes office in November.

In my DADLY Wisdom book, one of the dads said that acceptance was the key to success inhis long-term marriage. It’s also the key to peace within ourselves.

Thus, I wish everyone the gift and peace of self-acceptance.