Lessons from Spain

Lessons from Spain

After not going abroad for 18 years, my desire to see the Prado Museum led me to take a tour of Spain. What did I learn? The power of the siesta and the fiesta.

When our tour director told us how many Spanish stores close in the afternoon so that the workers can go home to eat and take a siesta, I thought that they would do better economically if they employed the American work ethic of work, work, work, instead of resting each day.

I noticed, though, that the Spaniards were not stressed and enjoyed life a lot more than most Americans. After their siesta, they return to work and then go out every night for a fiesta—not just on weekends! I usually reserve my fun for weekends, but Spain has no such barriers.

Although most Americans are highly productive, many lack the balance of having a regular siesta and fiesta. Perhaps one country is on one extreme, and the other is on the other extreme. Traveling helps us, though, to learn from each other and create better lives.

Thus, I wish Spain a better economic life, and I wish my fellow Americans more siestas and fiestas. Olé!

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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