Mesmerized by Mexico

Mesmerized by Mexico

I never wanted to go to Mexico. I was afraid of the food, water, bugs, and getting sick. But then, my desire to see the Mayan ruins surpassed my fear, and off I went to the Yucatán.

I met a land filled with contradictions. I saw village after village of rundown homes with tin, torn fabric, or black brick walls. Some had roofs, some didn’t. The impoverished families lived in dirt, dust, and rubble. How do they survive?

Then I saw the opposite extreme in luxurious Cancun. The town even features Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall! I stayed at a posh hotel and dined on super sweet papaya as I gazed at the turquoise ocean.

The ruins captivated me the most, though, with their perfect architecture and ball courts, which honored the ball game in the Mayan creation myth.

I was amazed when our guide clapped at the base of Chichen Itza’s Kukulcan Pyramid, and the sound traveled up the 91 steps and made the chirping sound of the sacred quetzal bird! How did the Mayans do that?

The trip also had hardships, but they turned to blessings. After banging my head on the overhead compartment on the coach, I had a massage to relieve the pain. The masseuse covered the table with rose petals and filled the room with tiny candles and the scent of rose oil. I woke up the next morning to rose petals on my floor! 

The next day, while sleeping at a hacienda, I awoke to the sounds of the Yucatán: birds, frogs, and crickets, saying, “Buenos Dias!”

Peson after person was also gracious and friendly. When one of my hotel rooms had a shower drip, the face of the plumber was so earnest in his efforts to help me, I almost cried.

I cried once I got home, though. I felt so sad about the poverty, but I also felt inspired by the Mexicans’ kindness and the majesty of the Mayan people and their ruins.

I’m so glad I overcame my hesitation and made the trip south. I came home with some bug bites, and I got sick once, but the trip was worth it. My neighbors just south of me are new amigos!

My conclusion? Travel and become friends with the world. Then, perhaps we can shake hands instead of build walls.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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Image Reference- Jennifer K. Jordan at Chichen Itza

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