Mind Your Miracles

Mind Your Miracles

Have you ever missed the miracles in your life because you got so caught up in the negative happenings of the day? I have.

I had many miracles this past week, but when I dropped my phone and shattered the screen, my mind turned to muck, and I missed all the miracles.

I had worked so hard to be thrifty and only recently started traveling after not taking a vacation in 18 years!

After returning from a trip to Alaska, I had a week of financial miracles. A tour company lowered the cost of a trip I had paid for and sent me $350. I got a much cheaper airfare than I had expected for an upcoming trip. Another tour company sent me $100, and a doctor’s office sent me a refund from 2013! This all gave me a few hundred extra dollars—but I forgot about these blessings when my mind turned to muck! I felt like my life had shattered with the screen!

How do I get out of such muck so I can mind the miracles instead of miss them? Mental intervention! Sometimes, I can pray and reset my mind to a saner perspective, but other times, I need to talk to friends to help me shift back.

That day, it took two calls to friends to mend my mind. One person reminded me that it wasn’t the end of the world, and she advised me to feel grateful for the financial miracles of my week. The other told me to breathe and not beat myself up, for accidents happen.

I also called a friend who had just returned from a trip and asked about her vacation. After my reach-out calls for my distress, the final touch to regaining my center was to get out of myself and offer kindness to another.

I then filed the phone claim, and it cost $200 to get a new phone. The drama was done, and I was at peace.

The moral to the story? If your mind turns to muck when the negative strikes, mend it however you can with prayer, writing, exercise, wise words from others, or being of service so you can once again mind your miracles instead of miss them.

Here’s to more miracles and, mostly, to minding them!

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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