Online Dating—to Persist or Quit?

Online Dating—to Persist or Quit?

The first time I tried online dating, I lasted less than 24 hours. I was so overwhelmed by the matches that I cancelled. One week later, I resurrected my courage and tried again. Never one to do half measures, I signed up for three sites!

Matches, texts, and emails followed, and my overwhelm returned. I sent smiles and texts when I felt the match had potential and surrendered to the process. One site sent me many inappropriate matches, some 20 to 30 years younger than me. On another site, three people tried to scam me within the first day! I saw the signs—asking me to communicate off the site right away, poor English, and asking me the question which I had just responded to in my previous text. I cancelled that subscription, reported the scammers, and cancelled the site with many inappropriate matches. Within a couple days, I was on one site.

Online dating also played havoc with my sensitive heart. Many guys whom I liked did not respond, or I saw that they had looked at my profile and didn’t contact me. This felt awful! People told me not to personalize it and to pretend that I was a friend of mine observing the process instead of me to help me be more objective.

After a month of this stress, I felt done. I had to trust that God would bring me the right person either through one of the people I had met online or through the old-fashioned way of meeting in person.

I pray for a God-blessed relationship with the person God chooses for me. I’ve had many miracles in my life, so I trust that God can work a miracle in the relationship area too.

I’m glad I tried online dating. I always thought that if I didn’t meet someone out in life, it held my answer. God is bigger, though. So perhaps “the one” was a person I met online, or God may have someone else for me.

My only job is to live full out and seek God’s will whether I’m with someone or alone. I’ll continue to evolve, work to develop my potential, and live my dreams. Although I’m in my 50s and have more wrinkles and signs of wear than I did in years past, I still have a youthful spirit and a heart destined to love.

Although I quit the official dating site, my heart remains open and hopeful, for as long as I’m still breathing and smiling, love is possible.

I wish everyone online and off the gift of love.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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