How to Overcome Technical Trauma

How to Overcome Technical Trauma

Technology—it’s great when it works, but it’s trauma when it doesn’t! It happens to everyone. Computers, phones, tablets go awry, and the technological cosmos need to realign for things to function right.

Last week, I had day after day of technology breakdowns.

  • First, the app and website I use to book my jobs went down.
  • My phone stopped working. It kept cutting off and breaking up calls in areas where it had always worked.
  • The computer system where I submit my work hours also went down. It started working the next day, but then I could not log on to my work computer! Crazy!
  • My Visa also wouldn’t work when I tried to book a tour. It was the last day to get a reduced fare, and if I didn’t book that day, I’d have to pay a few more hundred dollars. This happened on a Sunday too—the worst day for a banking snafu!

What was happening? Was Mercury in retrograde? One friend said that’s the problem when so much goes awry. I don’t know if that’s true, but something is off when technology breaks down in so many places.

How I handle these breakdowns, though, is the key issue. Here’s how I gained peace amidst the technical trauma.I reported the malfunctions to all the companies involved and learned what needed to be done to solve the problems. I couldn’t fix them, but I felt more peaceful knowing that someone was working to solve them.

  • I felt my feelings. After so many things broke down, I cried out of the stress and frustration—especially when I couldn’t book jobs!
  • I talked to friends about my angst, which reduced it so that I could return to the present and keep the issues in perspective. After my calls, my 10-plus issues went to twos.
  • I also prayed and put the matter in my God box, which is one of my best tools for letting go of worry. Reaching out for spiritual aid always relaxes me.
  • I think of technical problems in the past, which got resolved. For instance, the week I switched from a flip phone to an iPhone was traumatic! I didn’t know how to work or access anything. Now, I know the phone so well, I help others with it. Last summer, the computer system wouldn’t work on my plane. I sat six hours in the Cairo Airport as engineers tried to update software. British Airways then canceled the flight, and I flew out the next day. I wasn’t thrilled with the delay, but I was happy when British Airways sent me $706 as compensation. Thus, sometimes technical breakdowns lead to gifts!
  • I focused on other breakdown benefits. After my initial stress, I gained more strength and trust in life as I handled the matters and watched them all resolve.

For within a few days, all the problems were solved. My devices worked, and I learned that my credit union had accidentally clicked a button saying that my Visa was compromised. Once they corrected this, I booked my tour, and the company still gave me the lower price!

In fact, while I was waiting for a solution, I called the tour company and got the same person on the phone who had first helped me. It was a miracle to reach the same person in a company with many phone representatives. When I heard her voice, I knew that all would be well. A spiritual power was definitely involved!

Technology problems will always occur, so the ultimate solution is to accept that fact. Life is good, and I am okay whether my technology works or not. Thus, the next time my technology malfunctions, I’ll breathe deeply and affirm, No worries—it will work again!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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