Pass It On

Pass It On

Searching for a more fulfilling life? Look no farther. At 52, I’m finding such fulfillment from inspiring others with tales of attaining my dreams.
Recently, when I introduced myself to some fourth graders, I told them that my DADLY Wisdom book was published last spring. One of the boys shot uphis hand and asked me how I had gotten my book published. He had written an 80-page fantasy and was searching for a publisher! I showed him how to look online for publishers in his genre and how to check their submission guidelines.

I left school that day with a deeper awareness of theimportance of passing on hope to others. I wish that someone had encouraged me in my dreams when I had grown up and had shown me steps to take. Instead, I had many stops and starts, and my manuscript about wise dads sat in a cupboard for 10 years. My goal of being a published author was dying on a shelf. I only completed the book after being severely injured in a bike accident and realizing that I must live my dreams now!

I was thrilled when my book was published, but sharing the inspiration of attaining that dream is even more fulfilling. Passing on whatever “it” I can; whether it’s emotional, such as inspiration; or material, such as clothes; brings me the greatest joy.

Thus, whatever age you are, whatever field you’re in, and whatever dream you’ve attained, pass it on to our youth. Pass it on to anyone seeking inspiration. You never know what miracles you might inspire! Our achievements aren’t just for us—they are to bless the world.

Thus, remember—pass it on!