Spiritual Insights at Sea

Spiritual Insights at Sea

On my recent cruise to the Panama Canal, I learned a lot about the canal and other countries I visited, but mostly I learned about God. After spending many days at sea, I came to see the vast and mighty ocean as a representative of the vast and mighty God.

When I feel scared about world events and feel powerless to help, the ocean reminds me that God is mightier than all things. Recently, when the stock market got volatile and reports came about the Russians meddling in our elections, I wondered who was in charge. Seeing the power of the ocean, though, reminded me that God is. God can bring possible out of the impossible and good out of the not-so good.

The sun also symbolized God to me. One evening when I was on-deck, the sun shimmered like a river across the sea. God was present.

When I got up the next morning, the sky and sea were dark. I then went to the gym on the top deck, and by the time I got there, the sun had appeared. It shone over a small circular patch in the middle of the great sea.

God greeted me in the morning, just like he greeted me the night before on-deck. He shines his light over me all day, and his love nourishes me as I sleep, and then he greets me again the next morning.

Even if I don’t see the sun, I know it’s there. I don’t always see God in action or understand his ways, but I know he is there and ultimately acting for good.

The sea also showed me the power of God‘s love to travel far and brighten our world. The tiny patch of sun, which greeted me that morning, spread quickly and covered the whole sea within my view. God‘s power and light spread fast!

I, too, need to be a light, and just as God spreads his love and breaks through dark clouds, I need to share love and inspiration to break through life’s darkness.

As we continued our voyage, the boat had mechanical problems. I panicked. How would we get to our destination? We didn’t have full power, but persisted. God carried us on his mighty sea, and we made our course even though we were broken. This reassures me that though I have broken parts, God can carry me through to attain my goals and visions. He is my captain, and I need to follow his guidance, just as I stayed safe on my cruise following the captain’s commands.

The rocky seas we encountered also taught me spiritual truths. When we hit stormy weather and the massive boat rocked like a tiny dingy, I held on to whatever was near – a hand rail, chair, or even another person. It taught me to hold onto God for safety and protection. When I walked down halls and weaved back and forth, I held the rails and always made it safely to my destination.

Now that I’m on land and the floor is still, I still need to hold onto God. I go through stormy times and have the most peace when I stay connected to God. I then feel assured that I’ll make it through the current challenge.

This tax season was a nightmare for me. Due to balancing my portfolio, which was for my ultimate good, I owed over $31,000 in taxes! I’ve never owed more than $1,500! After many tears, I paid it. I survived and am still prosperous. I cancelled some trips to help pay the bill, but I need to trust God that I wasn’t meant to go now, and another time will be better.

Some sea storms are so severe, though, that routes change, just as some life storms lead to direction changes. When we sailed around New Zealand, we changed course because the waves were so huge. We got to Auckland a day early, which was a blessing, because I got to see more of the city. Thus, some storms lead to better changes.

Now on land, though, I’m going through a career storm. I substitute teach, and in the last three years, I’ve been hit in the head by four balls and one metal car. Two of these hits happened last week. Is God hitting me on the head to steer me in a new direction?

Should I be a writer and travel the world, or teach in a different setting? The answers will come. Just as clear skies and still waters come after ocean storms, brighter and peaceful tomorrows will come on land. The results can even be better than before—as long as I rock with God, His will and way.

Thus, I wish everyone the spiritual vision to see and follow God’s messages on land and sea. Blessings of peace and wisdom are sure to come.

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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Image reference – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/74/Sun_Set_In_Sea_-_panoramio.jpg