St. Paul’s Watch—Humanity at Its Best!

St. Paul’s Watch—Humanity at Its Best!

One of the benefits of traveling is learning about the magnificent works of humanity done across the globe that I never heard about in school or from the American media.

I recently visited Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, and although I was excited to see the church where Charles and Diana wed, I was most inspired by the story of Saint Paul’s Watch.

The “Watch” was a group of volunteers who protected the Cathedral during bombing raids in both World Wars. They guarded the Cathedral inside and out and saved it from fires and other attacks.

Since St. Paul’s was a major symbol of Britain, no one wanted it to fall. Churchill even sent word to the Watch in World War II that “St Paul’s must be saved at all costs.” The Watch did save the Cathedral, and today it’s a visible testament to the courage and sacrifice of the volunteers who risked their lives for it.

These heroes inspired me so much that when I returned home, I spent hours online researching the Watch. When I pulled up my first photo and saw middle-aged men, some smiling and some with stern looks, I cried. These volunteers, probably too old to fight for their country, did what they could on the home front to help their nation.

When people ask me how my trip was, I don’t tell them about visiting Buckingham Palace; I tell them about the Watch. Such tales of love and service are the best travel takeaways. They inspire me to do whatever I can, at whatever age I am, to help my nation and world.

May we all live in the spirit of peace, service, and unity of St. Paul’s Watch!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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