Stay Out of the Rabbit Hole

Stay Out of the Rabbit Hole

The rabbit hole—the dark cavern of fear where I plunge when fear grips me. It’s often been my default when stress hits.

This year when I got a tax bill for over $31,000, I fell right in the hole! I thought my life and dreams were over. A couple months later, though, I’m alive and my dreams are going strong. I paid the bill and will soon go on my dream trip to Norway to see where my mother was born.

But recently, I fell in again! The trigger? Online dating! I was in and out of the hole feeling anxious communicating with matches and wondering if one was “the one!“

When a match I liked didn’t respond in the time or way I wanted, I fell in again. Friends counseled me out of the hole, told me not to personalize the situation, and to remember that I want to be with God‘s choice for me.
God has his own timetable and man for me, and I must trust in that. Even though I have jumped in the hole many times in my 54 years, God has always helped me climb out to a better life.

I’m now in the waiting room with my latest match. I’ve been anxious when I don’t hear word, and I’m happy when I do. My challenge is to stay out of the rabbit hole whether I’ve heard or not.

Just as Alice became small and her life became mini-sized when she fell down the hole, my life becomes small when I fall in the hole. Everything is tiny, and my world shrinks. Fear is the greatest life shrinker, and faith is the greatest life expander.

Thus, during this dating stress, focusing on God and remembering that my peace is in his will helps the most. Knowing that God wants my best helps me surrender to the moment and accept what is with dating and all else.

Thus, I’ll navigate the latest batch of fears through faith, persistence, and my determination to live a full life of meaning and contribution. For today, I am out of the rabbit hole and living in the wide expanse of life and love.

I wish everyone the wisdom to stay out of the rabbit hole and the faith and strength to climb out if a fall occurs.

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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