How to Survive Cruise Line Jail

How to Survive Cruise Line Jail

I had never been in jail until I took a Caribbean cruise. My stomach wasn’t happy with the new food and water, so by the third day of the cruise, I went to the doctor for help. I thought I would get medicine and be on my way, but instead I got medicine and was placed in isolation for the next 41 hours. I was confined to my tiny room and could only see St. Lucia from my cabin’s window.

It was awful. I had worked hard, saved money, and taken time off from work to go on the cruise, and now I was spending it in isolation.

The trip had been a dream for me, and the dream had turned into a nightmare!

Shipboard staff could not walk into my room, and I was not allowed to walk out one foot. I didn’t dare break the sentence, because I feared the isolation would be extended. The doctor said that I would be in isolation until I had 24 hours clear of symptoms.

It took 41 hours, and in the meanwhile, I missed shipboard activities and shore excursions I wanted to do.

How did I survive my cruise line confinement?

I filed a claim with my travel insurance for trip interruption to be reimbursed for the cruise time I missed.

I cried to some people to let go of stress.

I got many liters of Evian water free of charge. The bottles were $4 each, but since I was in isolation and could only use room service, I got them for free!

I talked to my cabin attendant for company and support. I learned about the island she was from and shared my strife. She comforted me and became a new friend. We’re now friends on Facebook!

Before I was put in isolation, I planned to go to the gym. I am not a couch potato gal, and I normally exercise every day. I also wanted to go to poolside Zumba, and I missed that too. I went to Plan B, though. I watched Zumba videos on my phone and danced around my room. I “danced like no one was watching” because no one was watching!

I also wrote a blog post and brainstormed other writings since I had the time.

On Thanksgiving morning, the doctor set me free. It was my best Thanksgiving gift ever!

I went straight to a shore excursion and then did poolside Zumba. I was happy to be back in action, but I still felt sad that I missed part of my cruise. My attitude was key, though. When I surrendered to the isolation, I enjoyed the peace of the solitude and the freedom to rock out with Zumba.

The company also gave me a future cruise discount, which was an unexpected blessing of my ordeal.

I cruise again next week, and hopefully I’ll never return to cruise line jail. If it happens, though, I know I can make the best of it and that even good things can result. 🙂


Jennifer K. Jordan

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