Tears for Our World

Tears for Our World

How could it happen–the evil Syrian gas attack? How could humans gas their fellows, including children? It’s bad enough to gas and kill adults, but to gas children seems even more barbaric.

Why did this happen?

Perhaps, Golding’s Lord of the Flies can answer. The book tells the sad tale of man’s descent into savagery when boys are stranded on an island. It was a fiction story, but the gassing last week was a real-life example of man gone savage.

I learned about the attack when I was biking at the gym. The gruesome pictures of the gassing and its victims filled the TV before me. I was so upset, I had to go in another room and cry. I cried more when I got home.

Unfortunately, our world has a history of such atrocities, but it still brings sorrow each time a new one arises.

But why this time? I read about the gassing to learn about a motive. All I could glean was that the current ruler may have been trying to get support from the west to keep himself in power.

Killing for power. It’s so sad. When will humanity ever learn? When we’re born into the world, it’s to grow and promote life, not destroy it.

The U.S. protested with an airstrike two days later, and now I wonder, what will happen next? I wish I didn’t even have to ask the question.

Living in my home in California, I feel so powerless to enact a global change. All I can do is cry out in these words, express grief, and pray.

Thus, I pray for our world–for peace, stability, and cooperation between all. I love our world, and I hope someday, love and light will shine from our planet instead of gas and smoke from wars.

Blessings to all.

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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