The Healing Hug

The Healing Hug

As a substitute, I teach students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Although I’m the one with a couple advanced degrees, I often learn the most from my students, especially kindergartners.

They’re experts at love and acceptance. I’ve had many occasions where one of the kindergartners has started crying. Several other kindergartners then dash over and hug the student in a huge football huddle. They hug, stroke, and say comforting words to the child, until he or she calms down. Then everybody goes back to work. Trauma passed.

Special Ed kids are also brilliant at loving and supporting their fellows. Perhaps, because they struggle with disabilities, they don’t judge others for being in weak and vulnerable spots. Recently, when I was in an upper elementary special ed class, a girl started sobbing. Several students instantly jumped up and hugged her in a huddle. When she calmed down, they resumed their work.

When students give one another the healing hug, nothing blocks them—not gender, race, or socioeconomic status. Boys and girls hug boys and girls of other races without judgment. They only see the upset student as a hurt human being needing support.

Sadly, I never see this behavior when the students get older. Perhaps judgment and fear of others’ thoughts, keeps them in their seats instead of helping those in need. Older kids may not cry on the outside, but some cry on the inside and need hugs.

I, too, know the power of the healing hug. Recently, after a rough time with some middle school kids, I was exhausted. Two girls then asked if I would be there the next day. I told them that their teacher was returning, and one said she would miss me. They both hugged me.

Instantly, all the stress of the last hour melted as I felt the hug’s power. Hours later, my face and heart still smiled from the hug and kindness behind it.

Thus, this holiday season and new year, I wish you the gift of healing hugs and the courage to give them in abundance.

Happy hugging!
Jennifer Karin Jordan

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