The Wisdom of Giving

The Wisdom of Giving

Over a year ago, a wise mentor told me to increase the amount that I give to various organizations that I support. I felt afraid to increase, because I feared that I would not have enough money. I accepted the challenge and soon learned the true wisdom of the advice. It felt right in my gut, and I felt prosperous giving more. At times, I’ve still afraid, but most of the fear has left, and I give from gratitude and pleasure. I give as an affirmation of trusting God and life’s flow of giving and receiving. If I don’t give, I’m like a clogged-up hose. Nothing can get out or in! It feels much better to let the water flow!

I’ve had many financial miracles since I shifted to giving more. I’ve gotten money-saving coupons and even free bucks from one of the stores where I frequently shop. It doesn’t mean that my finances are just a straight arrow up. Recently when the stock market went thought a lot of volatility, I panicked. My mentor reminded me that the stock market is not the spiritual power in charge of my life.  The stocks and other elements in our economy rise and fall, but in my 54 years, I’ve seen that they always rise again. I just need to continue my responsible financial practices, give, and trust.

Here are some recent miracles. Last Saturday, I shared with some people that I did not buy a designer purse because I’d rather spend the money on a trip. I’d also rather have it for any needed living expenses. Thus, I have a $9 purse which I got at Sears and a $10 one that I got on a cruise. Then Sunday when I went to dump my trash, someone had left a Gucci purse for the garbage. It was somewhat worn, but it was the perfect size, color, and style that I needed. I had even thought the day before that I would like a larger purse, since mine can barely hold my phone! I don’t know if the purse is a real Gucci or not, but it doesn’t matter. I’m just grateful to God for the blessing.

Then, this week I learned that the shots I need for an upcoming trip may cost up to $500. My insurance doesn’t cover them, and I felt in a panic about how to afford them. My first thought was not to get them. I couldn’t let my fear hurt my health, though, so I kept my appointment for the shots. I then got news that I’d be receiving $10,000 for life insurance benefits from my mother’s passing away in 1998. It’s a miracle! I can use the money since I’m not working as much because I’m traveling more. I also think it’s a gift from my mom in heaven wanting to make sure that I got the shots and stay healthy.

I am in awe of God. The stocks have done more somersaults, and I got worried again, but not as much! With so many miracles, I just need to thank God for all my blessings and continue to give. Whether any material reward comes from that is irrelevant; it just matters that I give. It’s the right thing to do.

I wish everyone the blessings of being in flow of trusting, giving and thanking. Blessings to all!

Jennifer Karin Jordan

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