Three Tips of DADLY Wisdom for a More Courageous and Successful Life

Three Tips of DADLY Wisdom for a More Courageous and Successful Life

I never knew how wise my father was until I got to know him better after my mother passed away in 1998. I was so inspired by his life that I wrote a book,DADLY Wisdom, to celebrate dads and their special wisdom.

As Father’s Day approaches, I pass on some of the great wisdom which I learned from the 100+ fathers whom I interviewed.

Today, I offer three jewels of DADLY Wisdom.

1. “It’s time to paddle out.” – Erik Arnesen and his son, Ragnar.

  •  This surfing duo say this motto to encourage each other to bravely step off the shore of their current life and risk for something bigger and bolder.
  • Let’s paddle out!

2. “Words are a bit like coins…; you get too many in circulation, and they lose their value.” – Pastor Bayless Conley of Cottonwood Church

  • Words are precious; it’s best we take care with our speech. Fewer, more meaningful words, are worth more than an abundance of words of little value.
  • Let’s speak coins of top value!

3. We run our business…for the glory of the Lord.” – John Solheim, Chairman and CEO of PING, one of the world’s most successful golf equipment manufacturing companies.

  • Conducting our business as a spiritual calling will deepen our commitment to be our best and will bring us to a higher level in our work.
  • Let’s shoot higher; work deeper.

In future posts, I’ll share more life-changing DADLY Wisdom!

Take the Wisdom Challenge! Focus on one wisdom tip this week, and then let me know what happens at I look forward to hearing your stories of greater risks, effective speech, and purposeful work!