Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts

When I wrote my DADLY Wisdom book, which celebrates wise fathers from around the world, I never knew that it would bring unexpected gifts over a year after its publication. Recently, though, I had such a gift.

I met the widow of one of the book’s fathers. She lives in a different state from me and was in town. Her son contacted me about a meeting between us all, and we met the next day. The woman’s husband had recently passed away after 65 years of marriage. She felt that since her husband’s story was in the book that I was connection to her husband. Meeting me was a way to help keep his memory alive, for her husband will live on forever in the pages of DADLY Wisdom.

She got teary several times as we spoke, and my tears came after our meeting. She requested a photo of us, which I now also treasure. Her son said that the meeting was a dream come true.

I wrote DADLY Wisdom because I felt called to write a book honoring dads. I followed my heart in writing it, and that day, I learned what ripples of love came from that effort. It teaches me to keep risking and sharing my heart and truth with the world.

I wish everyone the courage to risk and the unexpected gifts that result!

Jennifer Karin Jordan


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