What If…

What If…

What if you won the lottery and suddenly got a million dollars? The question hit when I went in a Chevron station to pay for my gas, and the TV announced, “Jennifer Jordan won $1,000,000.” I was shocked. My name is Jennifer Jordan!

I had never bought a lottery ticket, so I doubted that it was me. But what if it was….

I then Googled Jennifer Jordan and the lottery. Another woman named Jennifer Jordan had just won the CA lottery. Shoot!The question didn’t leave though. What if I had won? I would travel! I used to travel often, and then through years of intense work, injuries, illnesses, and dealing with several deaths, I did not travel. The possibility of money to do so, though, rebirthed the dream.

Since then, I’ve listed places that I would like to go and researched some.

I trust in serendipities.When my name flashed on the screen at the exact moment I went to pay for my gas, I got the spiritual nudge to reassess my life. The result? Time to travel!

I would keep my job, though, and donate to various causes. When one of my DADLY Wisdom book dads gained a lot of financial prosperity, he became a philanthropist. Prosperity for me would bring more prosperity to others.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Give yourself the gift to ponder “what if…,” and then take action.

Here’s to greater possibilities!