What’s the Message?

What’s the Message?

Last week, I was hit for the THIRD time by a ball at work and got my THIRD concussion and injuries to my neck and back! I couldn’t believe it happened–again!

Last spring, I was hit twice by balls within two months and was still recovering when I got hit this time. A student kicked a ball, which hit my head so hard, it knocked me onto the ground.

My head started to pound, and several days later, it still pound, spun, and went boing, boing, boing!

Often when we get hit on the head, literally or figuratively, there’s a message. What’s the message of all this?

It’s to be as careful as I can, AND it’s to be grateful that I wasn’t hurt more. Recently, I learned that another teacher had been hit in the head with a ball and had worse injuries than me. Perspective always helps.

Still, though, the third hit caused me to ask – Am I on the right course in life?

I returned to teaching after many years of being a counselor and have loved working with young students. When I think of stopping working with them, I feel sad. Although I am a sub, I get attached to them, and I enjoy contributing to their education.

Sometimes knocks on the head shift our direction, but other times they confirm the one we’re on. Thus, I’ll keep on my current course. However—I may start wearing a football uniform and helmet to work!

Wishing everyone wisdom in handling life’s messages.


Jennifer Karin Jordan

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