Who’s Got Your Back?

Who’s Got Your Back?

People often say that they have to acknowledge the woman behind the accomplished man. As a single woman, I have no man or woman behind me. Instead, a whole tribe of people “have got my back.”

Thus, recently when I spoke at the launch for my book on healing from anorexia, I thanked the audience who had “been my back.”  Some were strangers, but most had supported me with my recovery, writing, or other ventures. Just as a movie has many people behind its making, a book and a life have many people behind them.

I got the image of people “having my back” when I was in a rehab hospital recovering from knee surgery and learning to walk with a metal knee.

After being in a wheelchair for a few months, I wobbled when I stood—just like a toddler learning to walk. A toddler plops down, though, and I could not afford to do that. My body was fragile after surgery and could not handle a fall.

When I learned to walk, my physical therapist put a safety belt around my waist and held it behind me. I couldn’t see him holding it. I just had to trust.

When we walked around the facility halls, I often asked him, “You got my back?” He’d reply, “I got your back.” This gave me the courage to keep walking.

After I could walk inside the hospital, I walked up and down stairs and then outside. As I reached each new step of recovery, I kept asking, “You got my back?” He always replied, “I got your back.”

I’ve been off the belt several years, but I’ve learned that the world is filled with people who support me. Many others have got my back, and I in turn help others.

All humans will ultimately fail me, though, just as I am a fallible back support.

Thus, I rely on my faith and trust who ultimately has my back—God. This spirit is the invisible hand which always has my back, and for that I stand tall and walk forward with confidence.

Thus, who’s got my back? God and loving others. I thank all the wise, generous back supports I’ve had in life and wish everyone the blessing of such support.

Jennifer K. Jordan


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