Wisdom in Nature

Wisdom in Nature

As someone who grew up with educator parents and who has worked as an educator for many years, I’ve learned a lot from the academic path. Now that I’m older, I learn more from life and the beauty of the land.

Recently, I was in Arches National Park in Utah—a land filled with wisdom.

Here’s what it taught me.

  • Be open to learning – The open spaces in the rocks called windows remind me to be open to opportunities and new adventures.


  • Take time to look – The windows look like eyes telling me to look at natural beauty—not just computer screens.


  • Enjoy the view – There’s nothing to “do” in the park except behold the rocks’ beauty. Daily gratitude checks help me acknowledge and behold the beauty in my life.


  • Stay in balance – Balance Rock—a huge rock which rests on top of another— reminds me to stay balanced with my life pursuits. Otherwise, the rock and I would collapse!


  • Have friends – Windows which exist side-by-side show that even nature doesn’t go it alone. It’s lonely and doesn’t work.


  • Stand proud – The rocks have stood tall for millions of years. Their grandeur inspires me to be my best.


  • Bloom where I can – Plants and flowers pop up through the harsh lands showing me that even in rough times, I can grow and bring beauty to the world.


  • Own my unique beauty – Each rock has its special beauty just as each person does. I have brown hair, green eyes, and talents in the language arts. Thank goodness that our world is gifted with people of many looks and abilities—all needed and all important.


  • Let go what no longer works. Erosion chips away at the rocks and molds them to new beauty. They show me that letting old parts of me “erode” away will bring new beauty to my life.


  • Everything is and will be okay – The rock making the okay sign tells me that all is well—AND that assurance is “in stone!”


  • Walk into life – The windows invite me to step into them. I climbed up a rocky hill and stood in a window which took millions of years to form. The climb was rough, but my life is always richer from living full out and reaching new vistas.


  • Trust that I can climb mountains – WhenI climbed up to a window, I didn’t know if I could make it with my metal knee. I did, though, and the view was amazing! Uphill climbs are always worth it. Even if the view isn’t spectacular, I gain strength and wisdom from such journeys.


  • There is space for me – When I stood in the middle of the window, I learned that there is space for me in the world. Even though many others stood beside me, there was space for me. As a recovering anorexic, it’s great to know—I’m worth my space!


  • Beware of rocks – The rocky climbs to the windows remind me to be careful in life. I need to risk and strive for new goals—but wisely. When I’ve hit rocks in life, they’ve hurt—especially when I’ve seen them and tripped anyways.


I took a job once that I never wanted to do. I lacked the courage to say “no.” After many years and tears, I now make smarter life and career choices.

Thus, as a city girl who spent little time in the frontier, I never knew how much wisdom and beauty it held.

The internet is filled with information, but nothing surpasses the beauty and wisdom of nature.

The moral – Look for wisdom in nature. Rocks are smarter than we think!


Jennifer K. Jordan


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Blog Post Photo taken by Jennifer K. Jordan at Arches National Park

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