I Wish I’d Said…

I Wish I’d Said…

Have you ever been interviewed for national radio, gotten off the air, and bemoaned, “I wish I’d said…”? Today, after my interview with Father Matters about my DADLY Wisdom book, I sighed with those exact words. In my exuberance, I sometimes rambled and didn’t even answer the question! Such is the plight of an educator of 30 years entering the world of media!

For the final question, the host asked me what I hope people will get from the book. For the record, here is my complete response. I hope that people will celebrate their dads and that dads will feel honored in their selfless work as a parent. I hope that those who did not have a father or who had a poor relationship with their father, will renew their faith in dads as they read about the wise, humble, and dedicated dads.

I hope that all readers will have the great aha moment where they realize that all their dad’s actions were to help them. My father worked multiple jobs and continued his schooling to rise professionally and provide for my family. As a child, I just wished that he was home more. I never knew that when he was at the university, studying, or teaching extra classes, that he was doing it all for my brother and me. The other fathers in the book answered the “why” of this behavior. It was all for us kids!

My father has now passed away, and I wish he was sitting here and I could shout, “Thank you!” and throw my arms around him to give him the great bear hug of gratitude. I trust though that in the realm of eternal life, he knows that my heart now understands the truth. He loved my brother and me number one, just as all the DADLY Wisdom dads loved their kids number one.

More hopes for the book? That new and soon-to- be dads will be more equipped for fatherhood as they learn from the dads’ experiences. I hope that seasoned dads will enjoy the camaraderie with the other dads, and I hope that spouses and partners will take their hands off, let the dad be the dad, and honor the gifts which he brings to the family.

Finally, I hope that people ask dads how they feel about being a dad. When I interviewed dads, they overflowed with tales. Why were they so eager to talk? They wanted to share about their joys as a dad and about how it was the most meaningful thing in their lives. Nobody had ever asked them before. I hope that people now give dads a voice and that dads share their voice.
It’s needed.

I wish I’d said all this earlier— but I’m glad I said it now. Dads deserve it. Thus I offer this as a blog post of blessings for my dad and all dads.

Jennifer Karin Jordan